The Apollo Lead Cobalt TPX batteries have the flexibility to be utilized in many markets from electric cars and fork lift trucks, to load leveling, solar powered applications, and grid storage.  This technology is based on 50-years of manufacturing experience and will prove to be the future of energy storage for off-grid locations. 



Tri-Polar Lead Cobalt Batteries



The First Generation Battery, developed in our first battery plant in Puerto Rico (1953-1962)

  • Patents: 16 patents issued to Robert Aronsson and assigned to our companies (now expired)
  • Electric Car Range:
    • 120 miles (Shilstone Testing Laboratory Report)
    • 146 miles (General Motors Testing Report)
  • Fast Rechargeability – recovers 80% of capacity in 45 minutes
  • Energy Density:
    • 42 Watt-Hours/Kilogram (Detroit Testing Lab Report)
  • Track Record: Produced over 100 Electric Cars in Detroit (1967-1982)
    • Previous Electric Cars
    • The Silver Volt
    • Provided batteries for General Electric’s “DELTA” electric cars as described in the SAE Journal, No. 11, Vol. 76, November 1968
    • Great Electric Car Race of 1968
    • Clean Air Car Race of 1970
  • Market for future production of TPX-1 Batteries
    • Electric Cars
    • Electric Fork Lift Trucks
    • Airport Tugs
    • Certain types of Industrial Equipment
    • Boats and Ships



Made with light weight Lead Foam – Under Final Development

  • Patent US 7,037,620 B2
  • Electric Car Range: 390 miles (projected)
  • Fast Rechargeability – estimated recovery of 80% of capacity in 45 minutes
  • Energy Density (projected): High Watt-Hours/Kilogram White Paper (confidential)




Battery Program